How a good rainwater drainage system can prevent damage to your home

Living in the pacific northwest, you quickly learn how water damage from rain can quickly leave terrible damage to your home even after minimal rain. Water damage can ruin home contents and cause some costly repairs. When people think of rain damage, they usually assume it has to do with the roof, but keeping a properly maintained roof is only part of protecting your family home from water damage.

The following information contains some common areas that can lead to severe water damage if not appropriately drained.

Ground Pitch

If certain areas around your home often have huge puddles of water and flooding or if there are a few places in your garage where moisture regularly collects there might be an issue with the pitch or angle of the grounds outside. If the ground is angled toward the house, water will drain toward the building causing leakage and damage. To make certain that this problem does not happen ensure the ground pitch is turned away from the building. If the ground is not pitched properly, drain tile and other cures can be used to fix the problem.


Gutters are designed to collect water that leaks from the roof and feed it to the down spout. For them to be useful, gutters must be regularly maintained. If a down spout becomes full of grime and dirt, then it will not sufficiently carry water and this will cause flooding. This overflow will either cause water damage to your house through the roof, or the water will spill over and collect alongside the building and potentially seep in from there. Marley Drainage pipes and gutters are good quality and hard wearing should you need to replace yours.

Down Spouts

Down spouts can cause water damage issues if they too are not properly cleaned and maintained. Down spouts are designed to take the water from the gutters and carry it way from the building. One common issue with down spouts is they can become clogged and cause the water to back up or leak out of a seam. During rain storms it is a good idea to check to make sure the water is running easily out of the down spout. Also, make sure that once the water exits the down spout it is aimed away from the building. If water is collecting at the end of a downspout, then it is a good idea to add an extender or dig a trench to ensure the water runs away from the building.

Sump Pumps

ISump pumps are a great way to remove excess water that collects under a building especially if you own Hood Canal properties where the problem can be quite common. They block against water leaking into the foundations of your house. Since they will rarely be needed, apart from in extreme weather conditions it is often easy to forget they are there and even easier to forget to maintain them and make sure they work. Ensure to check regularly the sump pump is plugged in and working as it should. It is also recommended to back up a sump pump with a generator that will kick in should the pump stop working.

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